FSE Series - 8-Pin Plug Type Digital Timers

The FSE series digital timers feature a wide time setting range between 0.01 seconds to 9999.9 hours. Simple configuration is possible with the front thumbwheel switches. The 8-pin plug type connection allows easy installation and maintenance. The FSE series timers are available in 4-digit and 5-digit models.

Main Features
* Wide time setting range: 0.01 s to 9999.9 h
* Switch between voltage input (PNP) and no-voltage input (PNP) using DIP switch
* Set hr/min/sec display with RESET key
* 8-pin plug type connection
* 10 year memory protection (using non-volatile semiconductor)
* "Power supply: 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz (AC type)24 VAC 50/60 Hz, 24-48 VDC (AC/DC universal type)"

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