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MGAM50S Series - Shaft-Type Ø50 mm Magnetic Absolute Rotary Encoders (Multi-Turn)

E15S - Shaft Type Ø15 mm Incremental Rotary Encoders

E18S Series - Shaft Type Ø18 mm Incremental Rotary Encoders

ENC Series - Wheel Type Incremental Rotary Encoder

ENA Series - Side-Mounting Shaft Type Incremental Rotary Encoder

E100H Series - Hollow Shaft Type Ø100mm Incremental Rotary Encoder

E80H Series - Hollow Shaft Type Ø80mm Incremental Rotary Encoder

E68S Series - Shaft Type Ø68mm Incremental Rotary Encoder

E60H Series - Hollow Shaft Type Ø60mm Incremental Rotary Encoder

E50S-C Series - Diameter Ø50mm Shaft type Incremental Rotary encoder (Connector Type)

E20S/E20HB Series - Diameter Ø20mm Shaft type/Hollow shaft built-in type Incremental Rotary encoder

E58 Series - Shaft Type/Hollow Shaft Type/Blind Hollow Shaft Type Ø58mm Incremental Rotary Encoder

ENHP Series - Portable, Handle Type Incremental Rotary Encoder

BMS Series - High Speed Response Type with Built-in Output Protection Circuit

BM Series - Small and Light, Common Type Photoelectric Sensor

BPS Series - Slim Photoelectric Sensor for Long Sensing Distance

BYD Series - Small Diffuse Reflective and Convergent Reflective Type Photoelectric Sensor

BA2M Series - Small, diffuse reflective type with long sensing distance

BTS Series - Ultra-Compact, Slim Type Photoelectric Sensors with Built-In Amplifiers

BTF Series - Ultra-Compact, Thin Type Photoelectric Sensors with Built-In Amplifiers

BS5 Series - New Cable Type Sensors Added to Line-Up for Wider User Options

BUM Series - U-Shaped 4-Channel Photoelectric Sensors

PRDAWT Series - Cylindrical, Long Sensing Distance, Spatter-Resistance, Cable Connector type, Proxim

PRDACM Series - Long Distance Cylindrical Spatter-Resistance Connector Type Proximiry Sensor

1 - 24 of 75

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